Spoon Ring
Spoon Ring

Spoon Ring

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Handmade from silver-plated spoon handles found in antique stores, thrift shops, and garage sales from around New England. Each piece is totally unique.


Spoon rings have an interesting history. In feudal times servants couldn't afford "proper" engagement rings and they often made them from their masters' cutlery. It was often easy to determine where the spoons has been stolen from because they were engraved with a family crest. There are many criminal records from the 17th to 19th centuries reporting "a stolen silver spoon" or "larceny by a servant." 

Spoon rings had a resurgence in 60s and 70s hippie culture. They became a symbol of earthiness and back-to-the-land values.

So you could say that spoon rings serve as a symbol of love and commitment in defiance of strict social and economic barriers, as well as resistance to consumer culture. So much to love.


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