WTF Bikexplorers




WTF Bikexplorers connects Women, Trans, and Femme cyclists who use their bicycles to explore.


 The first annual WTF Summit and Ride Series occurred in summer 2018. 


In addition to supporting, celebrating, and connecting cyclists, the summit included rides, clinics, gear testings, campfires, and storytelling.


The ride series leading up to the summit included rides in Arizona, California, Vermont, Oregon, and Montana. 



The regional rides stoked the stoke and got the conversations started.



WTF Bikexporlers recognizes the real barriers in the way for some folks to make it to the WTF Bikexplorers Summit. The SJ Brooks Scholarship offers scholarships to five folks who identify as woman, trans, femme, and/or non-binary. The scholarship covers the summit ticket, lodging, a travel stipend, bags, and a new bike.

Your purchase of spoke bracelets, chain cuffs, and inner tube earrings (coming soon!) supports the WTF Bikexplorer Summit and SJ Brooks Scholarship fund.

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Photos by me, Rie, and Gritchelle.