Ayesha Spoke Bracelet
Ayesha Spoke Bracelet

Ayesha Spoke Bracelet

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Handmade from a recycled stainless steel spoke from a bicycle wheel. I harvest the used spokes from local bike shops here in Burlington, Vermont and beyond.

Stainless steel never rusts and the bracelet becomes shinier the more you wear it.

The spoke bracelet is light and comfortable. It's a popular piece for folks who don't usually wear jewelry. Many people never take their bracelet off.

Think of all the places this spoke has been! All of the hills it has climbed, the mountains it has coasted down, the vistas it's witnessed. This spoke has been places.



Small has 58mm interior width, 48mm interior height.

Medium has a 64mm interior width, 56mm interior height.

Large has a 70mm interior width, 58mm interior height.


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