Yesterday I turned 30 years old. The day before I spent all day in my studio and that night I spoke on a panel at Old Spokes Home about bike advocacy. I was sitting next to the head of DPW.

Today I found a video of me from I was 20 years old. The future head of DPW interviews me about a project I started at Bike Recycle Vermont (now Old Spokes Home) to upcycle bike parts into art and jewelry (now Tender Warrior Co.).

This was not a straight line. I zigged to Montana and zagged to California and came back and I've had over a dozen jobs in between and I've probably encountered more seasons of life in Vermont than I have actual seasons. I feel like I'm so far away from where I was at 20 -- but 10 years have passed and I'm back where I stated.

The takeaways are a.) life is weird and cyclical and maybe I'm boring but I'm happy AF so who cares, and b.) I'm ready to leave overgrown bangs behind with my 20s.